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Between Love and Hate: The Devil is Real


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Approximately 1000 people will DIE in the world in the short time it takes you to read “THE FORWARD AND PEEK INSIDE” of this book. A good portion of those thousand people will fall into the clutches of these DEMONS. This Is The Only Book Ever Published That Will Take You As Close, As Humanely Possible, Right Into The Devil’s Realm! If You Want To Go To “HEAVEN” Press The Button! If You Don’t Want To Go To “HELL” Press The Button! Understand Your LIFE’S PURPOSE & TRANSFORM Your Life……With This Book! Join The Thousands Who Make That Decision Here Every Day! Give Yourself The Gift Of Understanding The “UNKNOWN”!  

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John Eagan has over 25 years of experience as an author/artist and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. —E-Book Length 350 pages. Below is the forward and peek inside the E-book.—

You may not know for sure that the devil is real right now, but you will when I’m done!

Give Yourself The Gift Of Understanding The “UNKNOWN”!



Some of the most brilliant minds ever have said “know thyself.” In order to “know thyself” you must be still and listen to your inner voice.  Listen to your heart.  It’s the only voice that will set you free.  Knowing thyself brings a happy life, full of contentment.  Knowing thyself means knowing what brings you peace.  Knowing thyself means not trying to be someone that you’re not.  Knowing thyself means knowing the truth about you. It’s only by knowing thyself that one can live a true and moral life. To truly know thyself one must look deep to determine if he is making excuses for his actions and rationalizing why he lives the way he does. You are what you do! Look at what you do. Analyze what you do. Then analyze what you believe about yourself. You may very well find an entirely different person.

Knowing oneself means knowing the power of your capabilities and the restrictions of your limitations.  We all have control over certain aspects of life.  The Lord didn’t give one person all the talents, nor did He make any one person devoid of all talent.  He spread all the talents out among everyone.  He gave each one of us enough talent to use and achieve what we must in this life.  The Lord wants you to discover what talents you have and utilize them by sharing yours with everyone.  One way of sharing your talents is to figure out which gifts you have and use them so that others will benefit from them.

I know myself and I know what talents the Lord has given me.  I know I can produce a book and put it out there for everyone to benefit from.  I said I can produce a book, I didn’t say my talent was being the greatest writer there ever was.  When I spoke to the Lord I told Him that I could feasibly produce a book for Him by utilizing the talents He gave me.  I may not be like Paul or any of the great saints who have written on His behalf, but if He wanted to use the talents He gave me for a book that might save souls, then He should use me as He wills.  This book that you’re about to read is the best of my talents.  If this book is great, it’s only because The Lord made it great.  If it falls into the right hands and it saves souls, it’s only because The Lord made it fall into the right hands.  My talent is simply the ability to get things done from beginning to end.  That’s my talent, completing a task and getting it out there no matter how hard it is or how long it takes.  If this book is considered amazing for its content, it’s only because it’s what The Lord showed me.  Yes, the enlightenments that this book contains are supernatural in nature.  They came directly from The Almighty One and hopefully I have conveyed it properly.

This book contains the supernatural enlightenments I received in my life.  It will also give the reader a chance to come to know Jesus more fully.

Long before I wrote this book I had always wanted to paint a great oil painting of the Crucifixion scene. I know myself, drawing and painting is basically my forte and it is probably what I do best.  I’ve always had a natural talent for it.  I thought that someday, when I had time, I would put together a grand project depicting Jesus on the cross during His Passion.  I also know how to write, but had never really considered writing a book of this nature.

After I received my enlightenment, I wasn’t sure what to do about it.  It took me many months to sort out what happened on that fateful night when I received it.  I didn’t say anything to my wife or family about it.  I wasn’t sure if I was even supposed to mention it to them or anyone else for that matter.  I felt that my enlightenment must be considered something private between The Almighty One and me.  But if it is private, then how would anyone else benefit from it.  Anything that The Almighty One has to say should be beneficial to everyone, no matter how private I thought it was.  Finally, after much consideration, I decided to explain this supernatural enlightenment I had to my wife.  After hearing about my enlightenment in its entirety, my wife claimed that she knew and understood God better through my illumination.  I wanted others to share in that experience.  I finally decided that the messages I received during my enlightenment was something I must make known to everyone.  At this point I began to feel the call to write about the enlightenments I had, and share its message with others.  I am a Roman Catholic and one day when I was in church and about to receive Communion, I started talking to Jesus.  I said, “Jesus, You above all know my talents.  I am not a great writer like some of the ones in your service, but if you want, you can use my talents to bring souls to you. You know I always wanted to depict your Crucifixion in oils but maybe I can accomplish this better with the stroke of a pen rather than with the stroke of a brush.  If I take on this project, I’m going to need much inspiration from you.  If it’s souls You want, then this is Your chance to use the talents You gave me.”

Our job as true Christians is to work for Jesus while we are here, not just give Him lip service.  Jesus created an enormous ripple on earth 2,000 years ago.  Its undulation has spread across the world, nation after nation.  As the waves of the ripple go out in every direction, they touch every man.  Every time the rippling wave of Jesus touches us, we in turn are supposed to create our own ripple that touches others, who will, in turn, touch many more.  The rippling effect of Jesus’ love transcends time.  I got caught in one of the soft undulating folds of that ripple.  Now it is my turn to send the ripple out until, eventually, everyone in the world gets touched by the rolling wave.

There were several unusual things that happened to me in my life. One unusual event was an apparition from God and the other was a apparition from the Devil himself.  I believe these events happened for one reason, so that this book would be written someday.  Whether or not people will believe these events is something only time will tell.  I told Jesus that I would reveal my enlightenment in its entirety in this book.  I asked Him if He thought anyone would actually believe the account of what happened during this enlightenment.  As I was explaining my thoughts to Jesus during the Consecration of the Host at yet another Mass, a word was spoken to my spirit.  It interrupted my whining and said “WRITE WITH AUTHORITY.”  That inspiration gave me the strength and grace to boldly go forth.  During the time it took to write this book I asked The Lord for countless inspirations.  He has never refused me on this matter.  If this book fails, it’s because of my inadequacies.  If it succeeds, it’s because of The Lord’s will.  I am nothing but the messenger of a story that must be told.

As a people in today’s society, so many of us have lost our way.  Sometimes it takes the life of just one person to put it back into perspective.  It is so easy to be pulled away from what’s right in this world.  There are so many temptations out there that blur the lines of what is good and what is evil.  We are all frail and weak when it comes to doing what’s hard and what’s right.  Everywhere you look there is some sort of enticement beckoning you away from the primary reason you were put here.  I am not an extraordinary person with extraordinary qualities, but I managed to prompt an extraordinary event that I want you to benefit from.

I’d like you to stop for a moment and take a good look at your life as it is now.  There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must listen to that inner voice.  The voice that comes from the heart is the tiny voice that originates from the soul.  This book was made to help you look very directly at yourself and find those essential qualities instilled by your Creator.  Those moral qualities and abilities inspired by your Creator and put there to make you great.  It is when one truly examines those qualities of the spiritual-self, and the pure heart, that one finds the direction they must take to achieve happiness.  How much time do you believe the Creator is going to give you to understand Him and the purpose of your life?  We give our own children only eighteen years to understand all that we try to impart to them.  Maybe, just maybe, you will see a new dimension of your life and take a new direction.  Find your true self and you will find your true happiness.  Stop; become still, let the turbulence of life settle, and open your mind to your true calling.

I’ve said close to 3 million prayers in my life so far, and I have had two apparitions. One from God, which I explain in-depth in this book, and one from the Devil, which I also explain in-depth in this book. Every word is the honest truth. Because it is true, the apparition from the Devil is quite frightening! Each apparition is described right down to the finest detail. Every word is from the providence of God! You will be able to decipher that for yourself once you read the stories. So, sit back, relax and take this journey with me. I guarantee it will change your life! I also guarantee you will not sleep well tonight!




What I am going to attempt in this book is to give you a little peek into the supernatural realities I have encountered. The witnesses who will testify to my supernatural experience have unchallengeable integrity.  I am hoping that the supernatural reality I shall discuss in this chapter, will aid you in your faith. We live in such a material world where no one teaches you that there is more than just three-dimensional materialism. This has been our reality for most of our lives. We’re taught that whatever can be measured scientifically is all there is.  But I am here to witness that there is a supernatural reality that exists. There is something greater going on right under our noses. I sincerely hope you will find my compelling story to be a truthful account that will bring you closer to God.


Yes, a person can have a hallucination. A hallucination can be a sensory experience of something that doesn’t exist outside of the Mind. It could be brought on by having a mental disorder or using certain toxic substances; drugs, alcohol or medications. This is considered one person’s delusion. But if two people are having the same supernatural apparition it is not a hallucination anymore, it is real. You can ask any psychiatrist in the world today; no two people will have exactly the same hallucination at exactly the same time.  That is impossible and if three people are having the exact hallucination at the same time, that is truly impossible. The story you are about to read was witnessed by 3 perfectly normal human beings at the same time. So, you know it has to be real.


Do you know that you exist between absolute love and absolute hate? The Almighty One created you out of absolute love. Eons ago, when there was nothing but God, He decided to create you, right down to every strand of your DNA. Not because he was lonely, not because he didn’t have anything better to do, but simply because He is the Creator. He creates selflessly out of pure Love. Your life is your own to do anything you like with. You are smart enough to know, love and obey Him and not offend Him. He wrote these truths into your heart. He also created your conscience. We all know when we are offending God. It is a conscious decision that we make, we all make. We determine all our choices and all our actions. Anyone who says he is not a sinner is calling God a liar. Because God has an infinite love for us, when you’re sorry for your offenses and try to do the right thing, you will be forgiven over and over again. He knows our nature. Every time you confess your sins to God, ask for forgiveness and try not to sin again, He knows you are trying to become the creation He intended you to be. You are trying to become that perfect being God created in His infinite mind eons ago in the beginning. For this He will forgive over and over. Jesus said the greatest sinners have the greatest welcome under His mercy. Our free will is the culprit and the catalyst of where we humans tend to fall, and the Devil knows exactly how to use it to his advantage.





The Almighty One is infinite. Every aspect about The Almighty One is infinite. We as humans are finite. There is a limit to everything we are capable of. The Almighty One has no limits. When the Archangel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary “God can do anything,” He did not say He can do almost anything. That means there is nothing he cannot do. Nothing. We cannot do anything without The Almighty One, although many think they can. Think about that for a minute. We cannot do anything without the Almighty One. The Almighty One also created the entire universe just for you. Do you know anyone who would do so much just for you? He has been rotating the Earth every day for billions of years. Can anyone rotate the earth just one time? Just once?!  If the earth did not rotate one time every 24 hours, we would all perish. That is just one of the reasons why we can’t do anything without God. If something happened to the Moon, we would all perish. No one would be able to replace it. That is just another reason why we can’t do anything without God. I could go on and on about how our existence is so dependent on God, but I think you are starting to get the idea. I just wish atheists would find their way back to God. I just wish sinners would find their way back to God. What I am going to tell you about in this chapter, of what will happen to the lost, will scare you beyond your comprehension, and every word is the God’s honest truth. I will offer you empirical evidence that the evil one exists in all his absolute hatred, abhorrence and detestation, and is ready to take you into the horror of his existence. Yes, The Devil exists and I will prove it to you beyond a shadow of a doubt in this chapter. But for now, I want you to comprehend this great love God has for you.


This Great One is infinite. His love is infinite. Infinite means you and I will never understand God in any full sense. Not now, not after you die, not even in Heaven. If you make it to Heaven, you will start your journey into understanding God. If you exist in Heaven for a billion years with God, He will enlighten you more and more about who He is. One billion, two billion, three billion, eternity. It does not matter, you will still never know The Almighty One in His entirety. When one is infinite, that means all of Him is infinite. Even the surface of The Almighty One is infinite. If the surface is infinite, you can’t even scratch the surface or get past the surface. That’s why there will always be something new and something great that we will see in Heaven every day for all of eternity. The Infinite One will always create new and great things for all of eternity. God can do nothing less than that. Being with God and existing in His love will always be boundless and always be exciting. He is incapable of doing anything less than that. God created Heaven for all who know, love, and obey Him and want to live in his love, close to Him. If you are capable of love in your finite state, just imagine how much more God loves you in His infinite state. Actually, we are incapable of even imagining how much God loves us.


The Almighty One does not actually live in Heaven. We will be closer to Him in Heaven, but The Almighty One does not have to live anywhere. He exists on His own. To say God lives in Heaven puts limits on Him. He is limitless.


Everything He created exists for Him, not the other way around. Everything He creates comes from within Himself. God did not go and find a rock quarry of sand, gravel, slate and other construction materials so that He could build the Universe. All that is in the Universe came from within God. Just so you know, God had to balance the entire Universe down to every Galaxy, every planet, every meteor, and every element.  They all had to be put flawlessly in balance so the Earth could function as perfectly as it does to support the life as we know it. When you step outside to enjoy a beautiful day, just remember only He could create that day. From the sunlight to the blue sky, the clouds, the green grass and the cool breeze, it’s all His creation. We simply take it for granted. There was nothing in the beginning except The Almighty One. He created all that is seen, from within himself. He created all that is unseen from within Himself.  All we know is Heaven, the Universe and Hell. All of the unseen is yet to be known to us. God always was and God always will be. You’ve heard that before. You’re thinking, tell me something I don’t know. Ok, but what you haven’t heard and didn’t know is that you always were and always will be, because all God’s creations are in His infinite mind from the beginning. You were in Gods mind from the beginning, as I said earlier, right down to every strand of your DNA. So, you have, in a sense, always existed and you will always be in one form or another for all of Eternity. Because of God’s great love, you always were and you always will be. Don’t try to rap your mind around the concept of how God always was and how God always will be. We are not capable of that kind of understanding. For now, our minds work off of a beginning and end system. The clock that God created that runs the universe, runs our minds and lives. Don’t get me wrong, our mind is wonderful. The synapsis in our brain are as vast as the many, many galaxies in the universe itself. It’s like we have a universe in our heads. Although it’s great, God told us in Isaiah 55:9 As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” His thinking is as far above our thinking as the Heavens are far above us. (There is much of the unseen we haven’t even begun to see.)




“Why is there evil?” people ask. In the beginning, when God decided to create us, He knew evil would follow. You can’t create the north without the South; you can’t create the East without the West. Would you prefer it if none of us were created simply because evil would follow? That was the choice God had to make, for you and me to exist.


You know, I heard so many stories about devils when I was growing up. I heard about Satan who was originally supposed to have been in Heaven as a glorious, powerful Angel. They say, “pride comes before the fall.” Satan took one third of the angles in Heaven with him when he was getting thrown out. That sounds like a lot. What happened? Why did they get thrown out of Heaven?  …..



One story that struck me about demons was from a man named Howard Storm, a college professor and outspoken atheist. While on a vacation in Paris, he developed a perforation in his stomach. The hospital he was taken to could not get a doctor to see him until the next day. When the nurse told him this, he knew he was going to die that night. He laid on the bed with his wife sitting next to him. When he died, his spirit got out of the bed and went on a journey. He saw his wife sitting there crying. He tried to tell her that he was standing right next to her and that the man she was crying over was not him, it just looks like him. He started screaming at her, but could not get any reaction. He was starting to get very confused. When she did not answer, he just thought that she was mad at him and was refusing to respond. He started to suspect that the body in the bed was him, but he did not want to think about it because it was too scary. He then started to think that this can’t be happening, it’s just too weird. He was an atheist and to him nothing like this is supposed to happen. He began to hear voices from outside the hospital room saying, “Howard, you have to come with us now.” He claimed the voices were actually soft and told him to come quickly. Howard walked over to the door and saw dank, grayness where people were but they were gray as well. He started telling them that he needs an operation or he will die. The gray figures told him they knew, but they still called for him to come out and join them. These gray figures said they were waiting for him. So, he started to follow these figures on a very long journey. It felt like the journey took thousands of miles. He also felt there was no time as he knew it. The journey started to become darker and darker. The figures became more and more hostile toward him. They were so sweet to him to begin with so he would follow but then they became aggressive. They eventually led him into complete darkness. Howard decided not to follow them anymore and told them so. They began to fight with him. They started to push and pull and grab at him. What began as a handful of figures now became dozens and dozens, maybe even thousands. They could have destroyed him, he said, but what they wanted to do was inflict pain on him. He felt they got satisfaction by inflicting pain on him. He said they would be tearing at him with their fingernails, gouging and ripping at his body. They were biting at him while he was trying to defend himself. He described it like someone getting caught up in the middle of a bee hive. He fell to the ground, torn to pieces, in extreme pain inside and out. He was now feeling the emotional pain from the degradation of the whole thing. He kind of knew it was not an unjust punishment. He then heard a voice saying, “Pray to God.” He believes it was the voice of his subconscious. He had not prayed in over 30 years as he was a confirmed atheist. He thought to himself, “I don’t believe in God.” Even if he could pray, he would not know how. He started thinking about when he was a young boy in Sunday school and they used to say prayers. So, he tried to remember some of the prayers they said back then. He thought, “The Lord is my Shepard” and “Hail Mary.” He could not remember much else. But every time he mentioned God, it was like throwing boiling water on the demons that were tearing him up. They would start yelling, screaming and shrieking terrible profanities. Every time they heard the name of God, the demons would back away from him. So, he kept talking to God until the demons scattered. He was left all alone for what felt like an eternity. He thought about his life and what he had done. He never included God in it. His life was totally self-centered. He felt that he was no better than those demons that were tearing at him. He now believed those figures were people who missed their life by being selfish and cruel. That they were doomed to exist in a place where there was nothing but selfishness and cruelty and now he was a part of it even though he did not want to be there. He started to believe this was what he deserved because this is what he lived. He then sees an image of himself as a boy singing in Sunday school, singing about Jesus’ love. He reflected back to a time when he was a boy with faith who believed in Jesus, and wanted that life again. So, he began yelling out “Jesus save me” over and over. Suddenly Jesus arrived. First as a little spec of light in the darkness which got brighter and brighter like the Sun. Then Jesus reached out for him. Howard said that he himself looked like “road kill” but as he touched Jesus, all the wounds and all the pain began to disappear. He describes Jesus as the “Everything,” something he cannot describe. Jesus picks him up gently and takes him out of the darkness and into the light. Howard becomes ashamed of himself for all the bad things he has done in his life. He thought that Jesus made a mistake. Jesus said, “you’re not a mistake, you belong here now.” He was shown his life and all the things he did wrong and all the things he did right. He saw that when he was compassionate, all of Heaven rejoiced. He learned that he should love God and love his neighbor. That’s why he was created. He was told he failed in this world but he would get another chance. He did not want to go back to earth, he wanted to go to Heaven. Howard had to prove himself with this second chance. Jesus told him not to worry, He would be there for him every time he prayed. Jesus said you will know I’m there because you will feel My love. Howard was then sent back to Earth. He is a totally changed man today, living the way Jesus showed him.


This next story is about someone I love. It’s about my own relative, let’s call him Mike. A few years ago, this relative was suffering from a heart attack. He has the same rare blood problem that his father had which took his life early at 62 years of age. This relative had symptoms of chest pain, shortness of breath and pain in his shoulder.  He was only 50 years old and in great shape so he had a hard time believing it was a heart attack. At this time, no one even knew that his father had a rare blood abnormality because in those years, this disease wasn’t even on the doctor’s radar.  All they knew was the man died of a heart attack.  Mike finally dialed 911 and was taken to the hospital were a heart surgeon took charge of the situation. He was slipping in and out of consciousness. He died for the first time right after the doctors examined him and were trying to keep him stable. They finally got him stable for a while and he was resting when we arrived at the hospital. He seemed fine, but this blood abnormality was still going to cause a bigger problem.  The doctors who worked on him did not know this rare abnormality was running through his veins, so we all went home hoping he would recuperate in the hospital and be sent home soon.
At about 1 o’clock in the morning, all his close relatives got a call that he had had a second heart attack and the doctors were working on him at that very moment. My wife and I started off for the hospital as did the rest of the family. When we got there, about 10 other family members were sitting in the waiting room while the doctors continued to work on Mike. I felt he was not doing well during the operation so I said to the family, “He is going through the worst ordeal of his life right now and we must join hands in prayer and ask Jesus to intervene for him.” We joined hands and said the Rosary for him and asked Jesus to come and help him in his time of dire need. Jesus said when two or more pray in my name I will be there. By the way, anything Jesus says, you can take to the bank. Anyway, sometime later, after the doctors spent hours working on him, they came out and declared that he would be fine. It appears they had lost him time after time during the operation. They found that he had a rare abnormality in his blood and found a way to fix the situation. The doctor suggested the whole family come in for a check-up to see if anyone else had this rare anomaly.
Before I tell you what he saw when he died on the operating table, let me tell you what the doctor told me when I came in for a checkup. I did go for a checkup to see if I had this blood abnormality but, thank God, I don’t have it. My wife and I were sitting with this Doctor as he explained that I was fine. Then we talked about my relative and the night he worked on him for hours trying to bring him back from the brink of death. He told us that an unusual thing happened that night while he was working on him. The other doctor and himself could not figure out why he kept dying, they had never seen this happen before with any of their patients. Mind you, both of these doctors were practicing for about 30 years each. They were both great doctors and were highly acclaimed by the hospital. The doctor said, “Never in my career as a doctor had I experienced such a thing as this. I had an epiphany during the operation that showed me exactly what to do to save him.”  I just looked at my wife and smiled, she knew exactly what happened, as did I. When we called upon Jesus that night, he arrived and showed the doctor exactly what to do to save Mike’s life. He was a Jewish doctor so I did not want to try to explain to him that it was Jesus who showed him exactly what to do. I just don’t believe he would have agreed. I’m sure he would have thought of some other reason for this once in a lifetime epiphany.
After I told this relative about what the doctor said, he thanked me over and over for praying for him. He said when he woke up the next day, he was so grateful he was alive and looking at the sunrise. He said he raised his hands and praised God over and over again for allowing him see the sunrise on that new morning.
Then he proceeded to tell me what happened when he died on the operating table. He said when he was getting prepped by the doctors he heard an alarm go off, his heart stopped completely and he died. The alarm was the last thing he heard because it was alerting the hospital staff that his heart just stopped. He got up off the operating table and saw strange creatures starting to surround him.  He looked back at the table and he saw himself still laying there. He became confused. He saw the nurses running around trying to help the doctors with the defibrillator machine. He saw the doctors using the machine on him as he laid there. And the whole time he was dealing with these strange creatures which he now recognizes as devils. They came closer and closer until they started to grab him from all sides. They pushed him around and he said he was trying to fight them off. The devils were trying to get him away from his body that was lying on the operating table. He said he would get one of them off, but the others would still be grabbing at him and pushing him in some direction that he did not want to go. He said they were trying to drag him into the darkness from whence they came, but he refused to go and just kept fighting them off. He said it was total bedlam between the demons trying to take him and the hospital staff doing all they could to revive him. Finally, the defibrillator machine got his heart started again. He said the devils let go and he proceeded to enter his human body again. He came to on the operation table still frantic over the whole experience. He was so frantic the doctors finally had to sedate him to get him to relax.




This is a true story and it happened to me a few months ago. This story is for all the believers and unbelievers in this narcissistic world. To the believers, God bless you. To the non-believers, I know you don’t believe in an afterlife. I know you might have been brought up in a country that taught atheism. I know you might think you intellectually came to the conclusion that God does not exist and there’s no Hell to have to deal with. I know there’s a small doubt and uncertainty in your mind that you might be wrong. That you are willing to risk it all, is mind boggling to me. You are risking all of eternity on non-believing. Atheists have created a solution to a problem they haven’t discovered yet!  Do you have to put your fingers into Jesus’ wounds to believe? I have always believed on faith alone. Jesus said in John 20:29 “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” This story is for all the unrepentant, unremorseful, impenitent and defiant in the world. I doubt that any of you will be fortunate enough to get a glimpse of what awaits the damned in the afterlife until it’s too late. Give yourself a single chance by listening to my true story. You may be too far from God to even hear what He is trying to do for you.  For someone to leave this life as an unrepentant soul, no matter what sin they have been a slave to, will be horrendous and horrifying!  For what awaits them is so vile, so hideous, so repulsive, so gruesome, that I pray it will scare them away from the sin and the demons they have obeyed their whole life. Believe me when I say every word is true. It can be substantiated by my wife Lillian and my son.

I must interrupt you for one second right here. This is where I begin to describe the complete apparition in full detail. This apparition that happened to me is the antithesis of any apparition I have ever read about or heard about. I tried to give you, the reader, the complete details of every event that took place which lead up to this apparition. I tried to describe in full detail everything I saw and everything this demon related to me during his visit. I believe you will find this incredible experience enlightening, especially about what may happen to souls after death.


Right now, it’s September 2017. The events that led up to this apparition started about 3 months ago. My house is a ranch that was built on about an acre of property. It has four bedrooms. It was originally built on a little bit of a hill. The garages and the basement are all on the bottom floor. Originally there was me, my wife and three boys living here. When my oldest son got a little bigger and wanted to go to college, he wanted an apartment in the basement. So, I finished the basement and made a nice apartment down there. He has graduated college and moved out since then and my third son who graduated college wanted to come back home to start his own business. Now he lives down there in that apartment. It’s a little wider than a two-car garage. There is a metal basement door that separates the garage from the basement and the apartment. When my son, Johnny, comes home, he comes through the garage, opens the basement door and walk straight on into his Apartment. When my wife and I come home, we park the car in the garage, come through the basement door and walk up the steps into the kitchen. The living room is right next to the kitchen so I could basically hear everything that goes on in the house.


In the living room, I have a sectional couch like many people have. I sit on the recliner and say lots of my prayers there. I also watch TV from there at night. This one particular afternoon when no one was home, I sat in my chair saying my prayers. I put my rosary beads down on the end table and was relaxing for a minute when suddenly, I heard that metal basement door open and slam shut violently. I was thinking it was kind of unusual for either my wife or my son to enter and slam the door that way, unless something was really wrong. I decided I’d better go investigate to see if something was wrong. My wife did not come upstairs so I knew it wasn’t her, so I think it must be my son Johnny having a really bad day.


I get off the couch and go downstairs to see what the problem is. The basement is separated into two parts, one part is basement and the other part is the apartment separated by a wall with a door in it. Usually when my son comes home, he puts a light on in his apartment and I can see the light shine in the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor. There was no light on. I knocked on the door and there was no answer, so I let myself into his apartment. I could see he was not home. I went to see if his car was in the driveway and it was not. Now I knew it wasn’t him. I decided to come upstairs and get my flashlight and look everywhere in the basement and the apartment to see what that was. I looked all around, I looked under the steps where someone could hide, I looked in Johnny’s apartment, I looked in his closet, I looked in the furnace room, I looked under Johnny’s bed. I could not find any trace of anybody who had entered the house. I knew something was really wrong, but I had no idea what it could be.


The house felt possessed by something. It was just an eerie feeling at first, but it got more obvious as time went on. After a few days, my wife Lillian started to say there’s something wrong with this house. She hears weird, unnerving noises when she is alone. I was hearing weird noises too, but I did not want to frighten anyone about it. I sort of knew what was going on but could not bring myself to say what I suspected.  It would sound like such a stupid thing. So, I just kept letting Lillian explain what she was hearing. She told me that she would be sitting on the sectional in the living room and hear footsteps going down the hallway as if someone had come out of the kitchen and walk that way. She would say she assumed it to be our son, because of the sound she had heard thousands of times over the years.  It was just second nature to hear that. She explained that when you live in a house so long, the sounds become so very familiar. She said she would look over her shoulder to see our son to say “Hi,” but no one was there.  She said that she would get up to see if our son went into the bathroom. Still nothing. She would look outside to see if his car was out there, but it wasn’t. There was no one home but herself. She said it was very unsettling. She also felt very scared.


One time she asked me to look in the attic to see if maybe some kind of animal got in. I went up in the attic with my flashlight, turned on the light up there, and had a look around. I looked everywhere. I have about six mousetraps up there with cheese in them. If something got into the attic it would have at least tried to eat the cheese and snap the traps. The traps, however, were untouched. There was no way a squirrel or a raccoon got in up there, and it would have to be very big to make that kind of noise.


Sometimes when I would sit in my sectional chair I thought I heard breathing noises, like the way a buffalo would breath. It was that heavy. But when I turned to look, there was nothing behind me.


I have a lot of tile floors in my house, especially the high traffic areas. The hallway that’s behind me leads down to all the bedrooms. Since there is only me and my wife upstairs, the four bedrooms down the hall are the master bedroom, a guest room, an office and another empty bedroom. As I was sitting in my chair in the living room, I would hear footsteps walking down the tiled floor in the hallway passed the bedrooms. These things would always happen when I was alone. Another time I would hear slow footsteps and nails scraping along the walls in the hallway from one side to the other. I would hear the door slam downstairs many times, but when I would go to investigate, I found nothing. There is a sliding mirrored closet door in the apartment downstairs that has a distinct sound when it is opened or closed. I would here it being opened and closed violently when no one was home. When I would go to investigate, there was nothing there.


We own a beach house about an hour and a half from our home. On the weekends we would go and enjoy some company down at this beach house. While we were down there, my son called us. He told us he was hearing really strange noises in the house while we were away. When I questioned him about the noises, he told me that when he came upstairs to do a few things like cook and take a shower, he would hear the door slam and his sliding closet door being opened and closed violently. He claimed he could hear someone walk up and down the hallway and that he heard other noises he could not even explain.


That’s when I knew something bad had gotten into the house. I have been living here for twenty-five years without a single problem. Now, something evil was here for a reason and I would soon find out why.


Lillian said to me, “Now our son is hearing these strange noises too. What are we going to do about it?” We talked about having the house blessed. We actually had that done when we first purchased the house twenty-five years ago. I thought maybe it needed to be done again. Then I was thinking of having an exorcism done, to get rid of whatever it was that was here. But really, what can you do when something supernatural happens? Who knows what you should do. I mean how many times does something like this happen to anyone? How do you go to the rectory of the church and tell the priest, who knows you as being a perfectly normal person with a perfectly normal family, what you think is happening in your house, without looking like a total crazy person? The priest from our parish has come here for get-togethers over the years. We know him on a personal level. Now do we drop something like this on him? The only thing I could think of was what Jesus said in the Bible, Matthew 10:8 “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons.” Cast out demons?! If Jesus said that, then do I have the power to cast out demons? As I like to say, you can take what Jesus says to the bank. That I am sure of!




Before I explain the entire occurrence…..    I’m sorry I must stop here at this point of the book. This is where it gets truly frightening and interesting.  Be prepared to lose some sleep tonight!







John Eagan Author and Artist. This section is devoted to one of John Eagan’s art work that was revered throughout the world. He created a life-size bust of Jesus using reclaimed Adoration church candles. The art work appeared in many many publications throughout the world. Including a full page in “USA TODAY” and “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”, also seen throughout the world. Here are a few others if you are interested.


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